We are Reinventing Housing. Reinventing the Square.

Triconics™ is a new patent pending building system created and designed by Todd Alan Neff


Triconics™ is a new construction method for building habitable structures such as homes, cabins, green houses, buildings and so much more. It is a leave no trace housing that can be assembled and disassembled making it possible to set up homes and shelter in a day or days, even in remote areas. Triconics™ is an integrated system of triangle panel construction that can be assembled in an infinite amount of ways making it possible to create everything from very small tiny house structures all the way through huge business complexes all with the same building panels.

 At any point these panels can be disassembled and reassembled into many different size structures. The panels use a patenet pending system of cascading rubber gascits to seal the panels tight together making a weather tight seal keeping all elements out. Our Triconics™ panels are sheeted with fiberglass, the frames are finished and sealed using Line-X, an amazingly tough and durable coating, and each panel is fully insulated. With little or no maintenance Triconics™ structures will last for many many years, holding up to even severe weather. Triconics™ structures are incredibly strong and rigid structure's because they use a four sided isosalis triangle pyramid for the basic framing making it far more resilient too intense weather than  standard box housing.  Because all the walls and roof panels slope down severe winds and weather will roll off easily. The way the panels are bolted together creates one completely solid structure that will stand up as a self contained three-dimensional structure even in heavy vibration or earthquake

We are a new company just beginning to show our work to the public. For years we have been in the warehouse designing and redesigning, testing and retesting. We have tried many different materials and have put our structures through years of weather testing. We attended our first show demonstrating Triconics™ in September 2016 at the Paw Paw festival in Southern Ohio. We finely felt it was ready and solid enough to show the world. It was very well received. We are spending the winter building many more panels and refining our design. Our plan for the spring is to assemble our first three basic models in the latest materials for display. As summer arrives we will build the larger factory and begin marketing and production. Thank you for your time and curiosity. 

Todd Alan, President of Triconics™. 


The Scout

The Scout is perfect for camping or setting up a get away base somewhere. Perfect for one person, two cozy. 

The Stargazer

The Stargazer is the largest structure we have on the market. With one glass window facing the skies and a huge lower floor it is perfect for getaways.